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Eskridge & Eskridge provides a broad range of legal services in the area of Entertainment Law which entails many varied and often complex legal and business principles. Depending on the particular transaction, any number of sub agreements may come into play, from recording, distribution, video, television production and songwriter agreements; confidentiality agreements; licensing agreements and foreign agreements, to name a few.

For example: Most record company deals involve countless issues buried in the contract that require a trained advocate to recognize, address and negotiate. In each instance, with a typical deal agreement, the agreement must be rewritten by the attorney to reflect the middle ground in the deal.

The attorneys at Eskridge & Eskridge understand the business of entertainment law and have handled many aspects of entertainment transactions, for both media, record and film companies, publishers, artists, celebrity chefs, children and minor celebrities and talent, actors, songwriters, on-air talent, screenplay writers, literary writers, playwrites, producers, managers, agents, speakers, pastors, studios, and investors from the inception of the deal to final completion. Our attorneys have practical experience working in the entertainment industry and offer a broad range of services.

We believe in regularly serving our Clients by participating in contract drafting and negotiations, by employing our experience in structuring agreements and other transactions, that benefit our Client from the onset of the transaction and long after the deal is done, when it counts the most. 


We have negotiated, documented and provided some of the following Services:


Entertainment Business

• Confidentiality Agreements

• Consulting Services

• Business Partnership Agreements and Structuring

• Corporate & LLC Company Formations

• 501 (c)(3) Formations

• Artist & Group Partnership Agreements

• Record Company Formation

• Investor Agreements, Negotiations & Representation

• Band Agreements

• Award Show Productions / Producers

• Play Productions

Copyright / Trademark / Service Mark

• Copyright Registration Matters & Issues

• Trademark Registration Matters & Issues

• Service Mark Registration Matters & Issues

Film / TV / Radio

• Video & Production Agreements

• Talent Agreements

• “On-Air” Personality Representation


General Counsel

• Corporate Counsel

• General Counsel for Record Labels

• General Counsel for Film Companies

• General Counsel for Media Companies



• Entertainment Litigation & Support

• Co-counsel



• Celebrity Management

• Record Label & Support

• Artist Management

• Corporate Management



• Recording Deals and Contracts

• Publishing Deals and Contracts

• Endorsement and Sponsorship Deals

• Production Deals and Agreements

• Publishing & Catalog Administration

• Co-Publishing Agreements and Negotiations

• Foreign Agreements

• Distribution Agreements

• Touring and Live Performance Matters

Minor Entertainers

• Matters Involving Child Talent

• Minor Contracts

• Court Proceedings to approve Contracts with Minors

• Parent Agreements

• Minor Trusts


Probate / Succession

• Entertainer / Celebrity Estate Matters & Consultations

• Entertainer / Celebrity Estate Court Proceedings

• Entertainer / Celebrity Estate Contesting

• Entertainer / Celebrity Estate Planning



• Royalty Administration

• Royalty Collection

• Music Licensing Agreements


• Entertainment Visa

World Wide Web

• Domain Name Disputes

• .......and much more



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