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Hope Askew
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Memphis, Tennessee USA. April, 2010

Hope Askew


Hope Askew is not bound. Her music ministry has a unique sound and the delivery of that ministry is an electric, fun and intensely poured out affair of her heart. Whether listening to her music or watching her on stage, you can clearly see the freedom and joy she lives. Unlike many gospel artists, Hope’’s career did not begin in the Church. Since childhood, Hope has wowed audiences with her self-written song messages and natural talent. At the age of fifteen, Hope began her professional music career. Hope had written a hosts of R & B songs, released an international single in Germany titled, "I Don't Have No Time" and released a regional single titled, ““The Hoop”” in the US. With help from her manager, Shelton Flyth, she also landed an opening spot on Ginuwine's Pony Tour.

In addition, she is an honorary undefeated champion of the "Amateur Night at the Apollo" show. It was during this season that God called Hope into what is now her new walk with God. Little did Hope know, her greatest work would come in the year 2000 when she gave her life to Christ and started writing songs about her new Love and her new experiences.

Hope’s debut album, Always Hope, was released in November 2004 on the Masterpiece Christian Records label. The first single entitled, "Don't Want to Live Without You" was placed on the National Gospel Truth Magazine Compilation (20) CD. She was featured there with Smokey Robinson and many other great national acts. Hope went on to tape several TV shows including WGN’’s Singsation in Chicago, Bobby Jones Gospel, and has been on the cover of Gospel USA and appeared in many national magazines.

Hope’s sophomore project, Life, Love, & Music, was produced and recorded by Ray Braswell Jr. and Jamal Lewis for Raymarkable studios. This project is relevant, full of life and surprises. It has something for everybody. This project has found its way in many national and international magazines and is currently impacting airplay within the United States, Germany, London, Japan, Africa and the UK. Hope's greatest work is yet to come. Hope’’s has just compleated her third project, BREAKTHROUGH.

Alphonso Askew, her husban is the executive producer of BREAKTHROUGH. This new project promises to be the best one yet as she continues to share stories and life messages with through songs with R&B/Neo-Soul and Jazz groves. Hope says, ““I am so excited about this new project. It came at a time when I was suffering from a debilitating disease and was fully birthed into my destiny when God healed me from my illness. That, I can't wait to share. Hope hails from Hampton Roads, Virginia where she worships at Second Calvary Baptist Church under the leadership direction of Dr. Geoffrey V. Guns.




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