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Memphis, Tennessee USA. July 27, 2004 




N-Authorty is a group of two young men, who have purposed in their hearts to step out, and preach the Word of God, in spite of what their peers might think of them, or how much they are shunned by the "church".

17 year old, Lil' Prophet (Tyrell Morrissette) and 16 year old L.O.C. (Riko Morrissette) have endured a great deal in their lives. Though they have never been shot at, or in a gang, or had an unstable home life, or any of the other tragic stories you hear about Rap Artist, they have had to deal with our enemy satan in more ways than one.

Lil' Prophet
"Being made citizens of heaven, and able to have a one way communication with Him (Eph 2:14) I'm able to project Christ fully with no restraints. Yes there are the ups and downs of "Livin for Heaven", but the way of Christ = Eternal Life." (Urban D)

That's the message I am trying to send to everyone, not just the church, but also the streets, the crack house, the schoolyards everybody. Our CD is not exactly directed to the youth, but to all. The Bible says, "Wisdom is understanding Christ" therefore, if we as Christians are trying to understand Christ, first we have to listen, "Stand still and know". No we will never be able to figure everything out because God is inexhaustible. He still has certain things he wants to reveal to the Saints that is not for the world's ears. All He asks from us is to 'draw nigh to him and He will draw nigh to us'.

N-Authorty is out to show the world that its all right to have fun in the Lord, "Delight thyself in the Lord". Sometimes we get too caught up on order and rules that half of the church still leaves feeling like they just came from boot camp (half of the church equals the youth), which makes that half feel as though church is not for them. Thus, feeding into the enemy's plan to separate the body and cause confusion. But we are here to say "We are more than conquerors, We have all power over serpents and scorpions".

There may be times when we feel like when we sin it's the end of the world and we want to give up. We pray for forgiveness but do it again knowing that we deserve "justice" and feeling like our lawyers, "Grace and Mercy", are no longer defending us. I've struggled with this problem for a while feeling like I don't deserve to live, I was afraid to go to sleep at night even though I asked for forgiveness, but doubting that the prayer was answered. Sometimes I even prayed for God to even take my life because I hated the fact that I still continued to sin. We don't deserve life or forgiveness but God has Everlasting Love, Grace, and Mercy and He is just and faithful to forgive.

I have come a long way and all glory goes to God. He has allowed me to live so that I can use my testimony to His glory to reach the lost. "All eyes off us let's focus on the Mista Victorious." God has given us the power to do what we do; not ourselves alone. Without God we can't do anything and I know this for a fact, because before I really got serious with the Lord I couldn't do what I do today. I did not know how to rap or make beats. The bible says, "Before honor there is humility", so I had to humble myself before the Lord in order to become a vessel of honor, His chosen vessel, fit to do the job He laid before me.

Mission Statement

To save the lost, at any cost, by way of the CROSS!

N-Authorty's mission is ordained by God to carry His Word from the church house to the crack house, from the pulpit to the playground. It is their calling that has made them such a sought after ministry.

"We spell N-Authorty without any (i's) because we want to emphasize the calling on our lives is not about us, but all about God." N-A





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