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 Question: I tried to submit my project to a record company, but was told that they do not accept unsolicited material and I needed to have a lawyer submit my project. Why is that the case? Why do record companies prefer to have a lawyer submit new projects?

Answer: Many major labels or record companies will insist that an artist be represented by an attorney before engaging in viable discussions. The reason for this insistence is quite simple, from the record company's point of view, given the investment of capital required to promote a new project, a record company would not want to run the risk of having that investment jeopardized by finding out much later in the process that there are some legal problems with the project such as issues with publishing rights, copyrights, songwriter agreements, etc.  Additionally, an informed artist, that is to say, one that has been advised by legal counsel before signing a contract with a record company, is less likely to raise issues of uninformed consent at a later date if there is a problem with the relationship between the record company and the artist. We know of no major record companies today that will negotiate a recording project deal with you without your entertainment attorney involved and representing your interests.  It is our belief that you should involve an entertainment attorney in your career as soon as possible.  An attorney that is familiar with your career and your goals will be more effective in negotiating a deal with the record company that will reflect your objectives. 






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